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College Credit Opportunities

Quinebaug Valley Community College Career Pathways


College Career Pathways is a partnership between Tourtellotte Memorial High School and Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson. Students take part in a program that begins in their junior year of high school. Students are accepted into the College Career Pathways program at the end of their sophomore year. Students take a designated sequence of courses while in high school to gain specific technical and academic skills required to compete in a rapidly changing global economy. Students enroll in a planned high school program leading to an associate's or bachelor’s degree, receiving college credits from the community college for specified courses. College Career Pathways students also are offered career exploration opportunities in specific technical courses. College Career Pathways is absolutely FREE. The purpose of the partnership is to enable secondary students to receive credit for coursework that is equivalent to college level. College credit is granted with an official transcript from QVCC.  Any or all of these credits may be transferable to other colleges depending on transfer guidelines.  In some cases, these courses may satisfy college prerequisites.

  • Intro to Software Applications
  • Financial Accounting II
  • Spreadsheet Applications
  • Manufacturing Math
  • Computer-Aided Design I
  • Interpreting Engineering Drawings
  • Solid Works
  • Advanced Excel

Nichols College Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program gives local high school students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to do college-level work and to acquire skills that will help them succeed not only in college but also in their remaining high school courses. The courses offered through the Accelerator Program at Nichols College offer content that is compelling, challenging, and different. One class will be taught each semester on the Nichols College campus allowing students to experience a college campus atmosphere and earn college credits at the same time. The Accelerator Program courses are taught by experienced Nichols College faculty members with the help of a teaching assistant. For more info click below...

University of Connecticut Early College Experience

  • UCONN Seminar and Studio in Academic Writing and Multimodal Composition

UConn Early College Experience (ECE) provides academically motivated students the opportunity to take university courses while still in high school.  These challenging courses allow students to preview college work, build confidence in their readiness for college, and earn college credits that provide both an academic and a financial head-start on a college degree. ECE instructors, who are certified as adjunct professors by UConn faculty, create a classroom environment fostering independent learning, creativity, and critical thinking – all pivotal for success in college.  Tourtellotte Memorial High School offers ECE courses in English.  To support rigorous learning, University of Connecticut library resources are also available to students. ECE students must successfully complete the course with a grade of C, achieving a grade of 73 or better on UConn’s requirements, in order to receive university credit.  University credits are highly transferable to other universities. Click here for more info…

College Board Advanced Placement Classes

Most colleges and Universities in the United States grant credit and placement for qualifying AP scores. You can save money and get a head start on your degree when you enter college with the credit you’ve already earned through AP classes. If you earn an AP Exam score of 3 or higher, chances are you can receive credit, advanced placement, or both from your college — most colleges and universities in the United States and institutions in more than 60 other countries grant credit and placement for AP scores or acknowledge AP scores in the admission process. College credit and/or advanced placement can be a big reward for all the hard work you put into your AP courses and exams. Also, when you enter college with the credit you’ve already earned through AP, you can save time and money. With a head start on your degree, you may have the flexibility to move into upper-level courses sooner, pursue a double major, or study abroad.

  • AP Calculus-AB
  • AP US History
  • AP Language & Composition
  • AP US Government & Politics
  • AP Studio Art- 2-D Design
  • AP Studio Art- Drawing
  • Additional AP courses on VHS, Virtual High School
Anna Maria Dual Enrollment

Transfer my credits from QVCC

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