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Junior/Senior College Information

CEEB Code – 070-565



1. Complete activity form and recommendation request form and return to School Counselor Secretary.
2. Complete a release form and return to School Counselor Administrative Assistant.
3. Submit your Senior Brag Sheet to your School Counselor if a recommendation is required. 
4. School Counseling office requires 2 weeks to process paperwork.
5. Apply for Scholarships- scholarships are posted on the bulletin board outside our office, on website, and in Ms. Williams class room.
6. Check to see if your school requires the CSS Profile.
7. Complete FAFSA form after October 1st.

Common Application (use google chrome)


  1. Meet with School Counselor in fall.
  2. Practice SAT questions at Khan Academy.
  3. Take PSAT’s in October – given at TMHS the second Wednesday of the month.
  4. Review results on College Board and continue researching colleges.
  5. Take the SAT’s in the spring. Sign up at College Board.
  6. Visit colleges all year long, best time is when colleges are in session. (April vacation).
  7. Write college essay before leaving for the summer and ask English teacher to proof read.
  8. Ask teachers for letters of recommendation.
  9. Begin Common Application after August 1st.