Welcome to Tourtellotte Memorial High School – Home of the Tourtellotte Tigers!

High School is a time for our children to explore all that the world has to offer. Students at Tourtellotte are in the perfect situation to take advantage of our Small School, Big Opportunities environment. Tourtellotte’s dedicated staff, promote a learning community that nurtures all students to discover, develop and realize their talents. Strong student representation is found throughout the school, as we collaborate to design educational programs to meet the needs of today’s students preparing for college and career. Tourtellotte is commended by the New England Association of Schools (NEASC) in their recent continued accreditation letter as having, “a dynamic and collaborative process…to establish the school’s core values, beliefs, and the 21st century learning expectations.” Our collaboration extends into the community, encouraging parents to join our School Governance Council. Together we do more.

Tourtellotte is an exciting place to be. On behalf of the entire Tourtellotte Memorial High School community, we look forward to working together and wish everyone a successful school year.

Sincerely yours,
Ms. Megan E. Parrette

Principal Megan Baker
Megan Parrette

Principal, Tourtellotte Memorial High School

School Principal
Megan Parrette
Phone: 860-923-9303 ext. 595
Fax: 860-923-3752

Administrative Assistant
Donna O’Connell
Phone: (860) 923-9303 ext. 590
Fax: (860) 923-3752