Route A:  L- Murolo Rd / L- Buckley Hill Rd / R- Pompeo Rd /  Straight to Wagher Rd / R- Denis Rd / R- Labby Rd / R- Wilsonville Rd / R- RT. 12-turn at Perryville Rd – return / R- Laporte Rd / L- Linehouse Rd / R- Quinebaug Rd / R Watson Rd / L- Old Turnpike Rd / at light R- Quinebaug Rd / L- Leo Cir / T/A return / R- Quinebaug Rd / at light R-Old Turnpike Rd T/A at Campground entrance on R – return / R- Quinebaug Rd / R- Brickyard Rd / L- Kapitulik Rd / L Cortis Rd / R – Anderson Rd / R- Riverside Dr / L- Buckley Hill Rd

Walkers:  Tuft Hill / Cortis Rd / Ryler Ct / Green Acres / Walker / Paul / George / Top View

Route B:  Red Bridge Rd / R- Fabyan / L- Fabyan-Woodstock Rd /L- Hagstrom Rd / R- Fabyan Rd – becomes Ravenelle Rd / R- W Thompson Rd / L- Woodstock Ave (Rte 171) / Stay L at fork- Providence St / L- Church St  / R- W Thompson Rd / L- Reardon Rd  / L- Blain Rd becomes Gaumond Rd / L- Reardon Rd / L- Red Bridge Rd / R-Mt. Hill Rd T/A return / L-on Red Bridge Rd / L- First St becomes School St / L- Main St

 Walkers: Elliot Hill Rd / Floral Ave / Messier Rd / Main St

 Route C:  L- Riverside Dr / L-Thompson Hill Rd / L- Pasay Rd / R- Stawicki / R- Wilsonville Rd / R- Lowell Davis Rd. T/A return / R- Wilsonville Rd / L- Rich Rd T/A return / L- Wilsonville Rd/ R- Thompson Rd (Rte193) / L- Porter Plain Rd / L- Sand Dam Rd / R- Indian Inn Rd / L- Bonnette Acres / R- Elaine St / R- Indian Inn Rd / R- Sand Dam Rd / L- Thompson Rd (Stops from Sand Dam Rd to E Thompson Rd)

Walkers: Rachel/ Klondike/ Marcy/Jezierski/ South Shore Rd / Babula Rd / Emil Drive/ Liberty Lane

 Route D:  R- Riverside Dr ( Stops on Riverside Dr from Main St to Buckley Hill Rd) R- Buckley Hill Rd / L- Thompson Hill Rd / R-Brandy Hill Rd / R- QTFR, T/A Elmwood Hill Rd – return QTFR / R- New Rd / L- E Thompson Rd / L- Thompson Rd

(Stops from E Thompson Rd to Thompson Hill Rd (Rte 200)

Walkers: Gawron Rd/ Brookside Dr/ Buck Hill Rd/ Spicer Rd/ O’ Leary Rd/ Sunset Hill Rd

  Route E:  Thompson Hill Rd, after Pasay Rd / Straight to Quaddick Rd / R- QTFR T/A at Munyun Rd / L- Quaddick Rd / L- Hill Rd becomes Thurber Rd / R- Rte44 / R- Mary Crest Dr / L- Rte 21 / L-Rte 44 / L- Thurber Rd becomes Hill Rd / L- Chase Rd / L- Thompson Rd / L- Lambert Rd / L- Robbins Rd / R- County Home Rd T/A at farm – return / L- Thompson Rd / L- Robbins Rd / R- Ballard Rd / R- Azud Rd / R- Riverside Dr

Walkers: Plum Rd/ Laporte St/ Old Rte 12